Foreign Rights  

If you are interested in obtaining a digital copy of our rights catalogue, please click the following link to download your copy:

Foreign Rights Brochure 2023

Rights sold:

Half Face – Mara Li (US)
Ironheart – Mara Li (US & optioned by France)
Winter Flame – Mara Li (Italy)
The Selkie Trilogy – Mara Li (Italy)

The Boy From the Woods – Jen Minkman (Germany & France)
Shadow of Time – Jen Minkman (China/Taiwan & France)
Silence in the Storm (sequel to Shadow of Time) – Jen Minkman (optioned by France)
Exodus (short story) – Jen Minkman (Turkey)
The Book of Before – Jen Minkman (Turkey)
The Space in Between – Jen Minkman (Italy)
Firefly (short story) – Jen Minkman (Italy & Turkey)
Crimson (short story) – Jen Minkman (Turkey & France)

The Hero of Anwyn – Cathinca van Sprundel (China/Taiwan, Italy, optioned by US)
The Lady of Myrdin – Cathinca van Sprundel (Italy & US)
The Yule Lamp (short story) – Cathinca van Sprundel (Turkey, optioned by Italy)

The Legend of the Firebird – Femke Dekker (Italy & Turkey)

The Museum of Lost and Found – Emma Zegers (Italy)

Once Upon a Time (a fairy tale retelling anthology) – Cathinca van Sprundel, Jen Minkman, Miranda Peters, Suzanne Peters, Marijke F Jansen (France)

The Secret of the Old Beach House – Isolde Boers (Turkey)
The Legend of the Water Dragon – Isolde Boers & Ilena Saturay (Turkey & optioned by the Philippines)

Alex/Matt/Rafe – Kelly Collins (Germany & France)

We represent our own catalog in all countries and language territories, but work together with several international agents for specific titles or languages.

Ünver Alibey – Turkish rights
Kate Nash Literary Agency – English language rights for The Museum of Lost and Found
Rights Mix Agency – English & Scandinavian language rights for The Boy From the Woods, Free Stroke, Murder under the Magnolias